One Place, Many Stories: Our Country

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Minister's foreword

The wisdom and practices of Australia's Indigenous peoples are woven into the fabric of our nation. They are founded in a cultural responsibility to sustain and care for country and an appreciation of the interdependence of all living things.

We know that to have a prosperous country we need to conserve our precious environment. It took Australian governments a long time to recognise that the best way to manage landscapes is to use the expertise of communities which have been managing these landscapes for centuries.

I have seen firsthand the expertise and pride of Indigenous Australians in the work they do on the land that they love.

Today, Indigenous traditional practices continue to thrive. Elders pass on their stories to the young people. We see traditional knowledge partnered with modern science and land management techniques to manage country more sustainably in communities across regional and remote Australia.

The Australian Government has invested in a number of innovative programs recognising that protecting the environment is a shared responsibility. We have seen an opportunity to link this with efforts to support Indigenous people to work towards a better future. Key initiatives include the Working on Country Indigenous rangers, Indigenous Protected Areas, Indigenous Carbon Farming Fund and Caring for our Country.

The work of the Indigenous rangers is providing best practice environmental management of land and sea country.

We are also investing in protecting our natural and cultural heritage and we now have a National Reserve System to protect and conserve examples of our natural landscapes and native plants and animals for future generations.

These programs not only enable Indigenous people to maintain their cultural obligation to care for country they also provide employment, training, education and business opportunities. In this way they make a significant contribution to the Australian Government's commitment to close the gap of Indigenous disadvantage in this country.

The short case studies in this book are a testament to the resilience of Australia's Indigenous people and their communities and the significant contribution they have made towards conserving and protecting our environment and biodiversity.

The Hon Tony Burke MP
Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

One Place, Many Stories: Our Country

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