Indigenous communities and natural resource management

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians have managed their lands for tens of thousands of years. The land, and its natural resources, provide an economic base, underpin Indigenous history, innovation and culture, and are fundamental to Indigenous spiritual beliefs.

Indigenous land managers also face natural resource management challenges such as weed and feral animal invasions, and of achieving economic sustainability.
Indigenous communities across Australia are working in partnership with the Australian, state and territory governments and with regional communities to address these natural resource management issues.

Indigenous NRM funding

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Help for Indigenous land managers

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Indigenous NRM publications

‘Our culture is so deeper and wise you don't know what's in it, like tree have a name, grass have a name, and rock have a name, bird have a name - every different sort of bird or animals, flying things or crawling animal or in the sea; all names, If we don't learn, one day it will be no more’
Wandjuk Marika - Life Story, 1995