Caring for our Country provides more than $2 billion in funding over five years from 1 July 2008 to June 2013. Here are some of the funded project highlights.

Projects funded by Community Action Grants

Learn about community groups taking action to conserve and protect their natural environment.

Projects funded by open call funding

Learn about projects that protect our environment and improve sustainable practices.

Projects funded through regional base-level funding

Learn about how regional organisations are managing projects that improve biodiversity and sustainable farm practices.

Projects funded through Environmental Stewardship

Learn about how private land managers protect and rehabilitate ecological communities on their land.

Projects funded through Working on Country

Learn about projects that protect and conserve our environment whilst providing Indigenous people with education, training, employment and business opportunities.

Other funded projects

Learn about how Caring for our Country helps with disaster recovery and other projects.

Natural Disaster Recovery projects Community Coastcare projects Landcare and sustainable farm practices projects
Natural Disaster Recovery Community Coastcare Landcare and Sustainable Farm Practices
National Reserve System projects Reef Rescue projects
National Reserve System Reef Rescue

Successful projects

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