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The Natural Resource Management (NRM) Community Forum identified that regional bodies need an information exchange forum to learn from each other's experiences. This discussion forum was formed to meet that need.

Individuals and key interest groups involved in NRM across Australia can use the forum to exchange information and views on common issues. Issues covered include land management, water management, vegetation, biodiversity conservation, salinity and water quality. You can use this forum to:

  • ask questions
  • provide answers or information to assist answering these questions
  • discuss management options or issues
  • advise members of new research, developments or discoveries
  • identify useful content that should be added to the publicly available web pages
  • promote events such as workshops, training opportunities, field days, seminars, and conferences

The discussion forum is administered by the Australian Government Land and Coasts Team. Subscription to this forum is open to people interested in the regional delivery of integrated NRM.

Discussion forum policies

This is an un-moderated discussion group. You should adhere to the following guidelines to support the ethic of information exchange:

  • individuals may post messages directly to the discussion group and are responsible for whatever they post
  • participants are encouraged to debate ideas and opinions posted to the discussion group but should refrain from personal attacks of any kind
  • unsolicited postings by companies about commercial products are discouraged
  • mention of a product in the context of an ongoing discussion or issue is acceptable.

The discussion group is dependent on the participants for input, so please join in.

Forum disclaimer

Views expressed on the discussion forum are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts or the Australian Government Land and Coasts Team.

Our general disclaimer and policies on accessibility and privacy are listed at the bottom of each page of this web site.

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