Monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement tool (MERIT)


MERIT has been developed for the project and programme reporting requirements of Australian Government NRM programmes.

MERIT allows grant recipients to record and upload data about the progress of their projects on a continual basis and to submit reports online. It will also increase information sharing within the natural resource management (NRM) community and the broader public.

The new monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement tool is now available for grant recipients to start online reporting.

We are committed to the ongoing development and improvement of this system and value your input as a user to its future design and operation. Please provide feedback on the system to or call 1800 552 008.


Developed in collaboration with the Atlas of Living Australia, MERIT will enhance reporting by allowing simpler yet more complete project records and showing direct links between project activities and contributions to Australia’s biodiversity conservation work.

For the Australian Government this will mean greater transparency, increased efficiencies and the ability to use project data to directly report on programmes and high level strategies such as Australia’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and the State of the Environment Report.

To assist with the transition from paper to online reporting, limited project information will be publicly available through MERIT in the first few months. In future, the majority of data and information reported will be presented publicly, including project and funding recipient name, location, project description, reported data, photos and maps. Sensitive data such as sacred sites and threatened species data will remain private.

The key features of MERIT include:

  • The ability for grant recipients to submit data related to their project such as:
    • output data (e.g. number of trees planted)
    • outcome data (e.g. change in vegetation condition using the Australian Government’s Ecological Monitoring Guide as well as state-based vegetation condition methods)
    • photos, videos and other stories about projects.
  • A map showing the location and basic details of all projects, with the ability to add mapping layers for analysis purposes.
  • Dashboards showing information on the progress of projects, as well as aggregated programme information.
  • The ability to search raw and aggregated data from any project, theme or other variables.

It is expected that most of these features will be available when the system is launched in December 2013, although work will continue to develop and refine the system to improve it for users.

At this stage MERIT will be used for reporting for projects funded under the following previous NRM programmes:

  • Caring for our Country Target Area Grants
  • Caring for our Country Regional Delivery
  • Caring for our Country Reef Rescue
  • Caring for our Country Community Environment Grants
  • Biodiversity Fund Round 1
  • Biodiversity Fund Round 2
  • Biodiversity Fund Investing in Tasmania's Native Forests
  • Biodiversity Fund Northern Australia Targeted Investment


Contact us

Grant recipients: Please contact your departmental grant manager or Australian Government natural resource management officers for general MERI plan and reporting questions.

For general MERIT enquiries and feedback, please email us at or call 1800 552 008.