Wimmera NRM region

Regional summary

Map of the region

The Wimmera region encompasses 23 500 sq km of western Victoria, and is home to a population of 44 000. The region extends from the Grampians in the south to Lake Albacutya in the north and from the South Australian border in the west to Navarre in the east.

The region includes large tracts of productive agricultural land, principally dryland cropping and wool and meat production. Significant areas have been affected to varying degrees by soil structure decline, gully erosion and salinity, which have been identified as natural resource issues for the region.

Biodiversity summary

Biodiversity summaries and species lists for the Wimmera region have been produced by the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts using the Australian Heritage Assessment Tool.

For information visit: Biodiversity summaries and species lists for natural resource management regions 


Wimmera Catchment Management Authority manages this region.

For more information visit: www.wcma.vic.gov.au