North Central NRM region

Regional summary

Map of the region

The North Central region of Victoria comprises nearly 3 million ha and is home to a population of 200 000 people, located predominantly in Bendigo and several provincial centres. The lower catchment is characterised by patches of woodland and forest, interspersed with a rural landscape. Irrigation areas cover much of the lower Loddon and Campaspe riverine plains. Horticultural land uses and dairying are the main enterprises.

Improved irrigation technology and tradable water entitlements have encouraged the rapid expansion of horticulture outside traditional irrigation areas. Dryland agricultural areas are characterised by broad-acre land uses, such as cropping and grazing.

Around 100 species of native animals and 300 species of native plants are threatened by extinction, the result of habitat loss in extent and quality due to agricultural and urban development, weed invasion, impacts from pest animals, mining and changing water regimes.

Biodiversity summary

Biodiversity summaries and species lists for the North Central region have been produced by the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts using the Australian Heritage Assessment Tool.

For information visit: Biodiversity summaries and species lists for natural resource management regions 


North Central Catchment Management Authority manages this region.

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