Reef Rescue 2008-2013

Caring for our Country has invested $200 million for Reef Rescue. Since 2008 more than 1600 land managers have received Reef Rescue funds to deliver water quality improvements.

Reef Rescue is a key component of Caring for our Country, the Australian Government's initiative to restore the health of Australia's environment and improve land management practices. It represents a coordinated approach to environmental management in Australia that is built on transparent and consistent national targets.

This is helping farmers in the Great Barrier Reef catchment to improve farming practices to reduce sediment and nutrient run-off. It will give this World Heritage icon the best chance of responding to the pressures of climate change and global warming. We will continue to work with farmers to improve the quality of water entering the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon.

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Reef Rescue 2013-18

The next phase of Reef Rescue will support activities that will contribute to both the Sustainable Environment and Sustainable Agriculture streams of Caring for our Country.