Landcare and sustainable farm practices

Through the sustainable farm practices national priority, $189 million has been approved to help farmers and rural communities improve natural resource management. Of this, almost $158 million has been provided through Landcare. Landcare is a voluntary community movement of about 4500 groups across Australia. About 40 per cent of farmers are involved in Landcare.

The funding is helping over 30 000 farmers to adopt improved land management practices that provide ecosystem services. Around 3000 farmers are also being supported to undertake activities that improve landscape-scale conservation. Additionally, more than 27 000 farmers and land managers have improved their skills and knowledge in managing natural resources. Commercial fishers and aquaculturalists are also being supported to improve practices to optimise sustainability. This partnership between government and the community is critical to sustainable management of our rural environment and natural resources. This funding encourages collective action by landholders, businesses and communities.

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