Caring for our Country Review

Consultation has now closed

The review of the Caring for our Country initiative has concluded. The review looked at the effectiveness of the program, achievements to date and exploring options for natural resource management delivery in the future.

We thank the community for taking part in the review of Caring for our Country. We heard about what works well, what we can do better, as well as completely new ideas to help shape future Australian Government support for natural resource management.

If you found our consultation approach useful, or would like to make recommendations about how we can improve our communication with the community in the future please provide your feedback to

Review outcomes

An important part of the review was consulting with Australia's natural resource management stakeholders. The views and experiences of our partners and stakeholders was an essential part of informing the review and have helped to identify program improvements that are practical and focused.

Key themes emerging from our consultations included:

  • the importance of alignment of national, regional and local NRM priorities, and roles of the levels of government and regional NRM organisations;
  • continued strong support for community skills, knowledge and engagement activities;
  • the quality and accountability of NRM decision-making and funding certainty for NRM delivery agents, including community groups;
  • improving efficiency of funding arrangements, and exploring potential to leverage funding from industry, private sector and philanthropy; and
  • considering national environmental accounting to support monitoring progress in NRM delivery.
  • the need to apply the elements of the Working on Country and Indigenous Protected Area programs that are working well (i.e. well funded, multiyear contracts, alignment with Indigenous caring for country needs and aspirations) to mainstream Caring for our Country programs.

Key documents

The following documents detail the consultation process and its outcomes.

Shaping the future: Caring for our Country 2013-2018
June 2013

Consultation Summary Report

Caring for our Country: Shaping the Future provides an overview of the main issues that were raised through the consultation that took place between February 2011 and August 2012. While not all suggestions and feedback can be incorporated into the program design of the next phase of the initiative, all submissions have been appreciated, considered and valued.

Caring for our Country Consultation Summary

Consultation Summary Report

We have compiled a short summary of the main issues that were raised through the consultation.



Report on the Review of the Caring for our Country Initiative
April 2012

Caring for our Country Review Report

Report on the Review of the Caring for our Country Initiative provides information on the review process and sets out findings on the appropriateness, efficiency and effectiveness of the Caring for our Country initiative.



Caring for our Country: An outline for the future 2013-2018
June 2012

An outline for the future 2013-2018

An Outline for the Future sets out the broad framework for the next five years of Caring for our Country and forms the basis for community feedback over the coming eight weeks.


Caring for our Country review: The Story So Far Consultation summary report
September 2011

The Story So Far

We have pulled together the thoughts and suggestions collected during the consultation phase of the review, and share with you a summary of the consultations - The Story So Far.


A summary of discussions, outcomes and key messages from participants at a national forum, held in Canberra on the 4th of May which focused on Indigenous issues associated with the review of the Caring for our Country program is now available.

Discussion papers - Consultation closed

Review - Consultation closed