Northern and remote Australia

Northern and remote Australia contains some of our most intact high conservation value landscapes and environmental assets, and valuable productive resources with a high potential for future development.

These assets will therefore be a major focus for Australian environmental and natural resource management effort in coming years. The unique environmental, social and economic challenges faced by northern and remote Australia require a tailored approach to sustainable natural resources use and environmental protection.

The following statements outline what we consider to be ambitious but achievable outcomes for the first five years of Caring for our Country.

By 2013, Caring for our Country will:

  • Protect important natural assets in northern and remote Australia, particularly the National Reserve System (and Indigenous Protected Areas within it).
  • Assist at least 30 per cent of land managers in northern and remote Australia to increase their uptake of sustainable grazing and land management practices.
  • In priority areas in northern and remote Australia, reduce the impact of invasive species including, in particular, Cane Toads, Tramp Ants and camels.
  • Expand traditional fire management regimes, across at least 200,000 square kilometres of northern Australia's savannas, to reduce the incidence of unmanaged fires, and position Indigenous land managers for entry into emerging voluntary or other emissions trading markets.

These outcome statements help determine our priorities for investing Caring for our Country funds and help us make decisions about the most efficient way of taking action.

For the purposes of Caring for our Country, northern and remote Australia includes the following Natural Resource Management Regions: Rangelands, Northern Territory, Alinytjara Wilurara, South Australian Arid Lands, Desert Channels, Southern Gulf, Northern Gulf, Cape York, Torres Strait, South West Queensland and Western New South Wales.