National Reserve System

Australia's National Reserve System is a nation-wide network of reserves especially set up to protect Australia's unique natural environment for current and future generations.

The threats to biodiversity posed by climate change and other pressures require us to accelerate our efforts to expand and better manage Australia's National Reserve System.

The following statements outline what we consider to be ambitious but achievable outcomes for the first five years of Caring for our Country.

By 2013, Caring for our Country will:

  • Expand the area that is protected within the National Reserve System to at least 125 million hectares (a 25 per cent increase), with priority to be given to increasing the area that is protected in under-represented bioregions.
  • Expand the contribution of Indigenous Protected Areas to the National Reserve System by between 8 and 16 million hectares (an increase of at least 40 per cent).
  • Increase from 70 per cent to 100 per cent the proportion of Australian Government-funded protected areas under the National Reserve System that are effectively implementing plans of management.

These outcome statements help determine our priorities for investing Caring for our Country funds and help us make decisions about the most efficient way of taking action.