Our priorities

In its first five years, from July 2008 to June 2013, Caring for our Country is investing funds to improve strategic outcomes across six national priority areas.

Northern and remote Australia

Remote Australia

Northern and remote Australia contains some of our most intact high conservation value landscapes and environmental assets, and valuable productive resources with a high potential for future development.

Community skills, knowledge and engagement

Northern & Yorke NRM region

Australia's progress towards a healthier environment and the sustainable use of natural resources depends on the collective actions of many individuals, groups and communities.

National Reserve System


Australia's National Reserve System is a nation-wide network of reserves especially set up to protect Australia's unique natural environment for current and future generations.

Biodiversity and natural icons


Australia's unique biodiversity underpins the functioning of our natural and productive landscapes, but faces threats from habitat destruction, invasive species, pollution and climate change.

Coastal environments and critical aquatic habitats

Coastal environments

Australia's coasts and critical aquatic habitats are significant environmental assets which are also fundamentally important to the Australian lifestyle and economy.

Sustainable farm practices

Sustainable Practices

Over sixty per cent of Australia's landscapes are privately owned or leased for agricultural production.