Sustainable Agriculture stream: strategic directions 2013-2018

Strategic Directions FAQs

Strategic Directions

Sustainable Agriculture stream: strategic directions 2013-2018 (Strategic Directions) outlines the outcomes the Australian Government is aiming to achieve under the Caring for our Country Sustainable Agriculture stream to ensure our natural resources remain sustainable, productive and resilient.

The global demand for food and fibre brings enormous opportunities and challenges for farmers, fishers and land managers. To meet this demand, Australia needs to achieve agricultural productivity growth, while ensuring our natural resources – and the communities that rely on them - are healthy and resilient. Strategic Directions will guide the investment decisions the Australian Government will make from 2013-14 to 2017-18 to ensure our agricultural industries continue to be sustainable.

The outcomes the government is aiming to achieve are supported by measurable strategies. These outcomes include (but are not limited to):

  • increasing the uptake of sustainable land management practices
  • implementing national eradication strategies for new plant, animal and disease incursions
  • implementing a national agricultural chemical and veterinary medicine residue monitoring program for Australian grown produce for domestic consumption
  • increasing the capacity and confidence of regional community leaders, including women, young people, Indigenous Australians and people from culturally diverse communities involved in agriculture or fisheries production and the protection of natural resources
  • increasing the engagement and participation in natural resource management activities by communities, groups and individuals, including Landcare and professional farming system groups
  • increasing community awareness and understanding of our land, forests and fisheries.

Strategic Directions outlines how the Australian Government will support regional natural resource management organisations, governments, professional farming groups, Indigenous groups, industry bodies, land managers, farmers, fishers, Landcare groups and communities to undertake a wide range of activities to increase the adoption of more sustainable farm and fisheries practices while increasing the capacity of land managers for improved natural resource management.

Details on the types of funding approaches the government will use to support the outcomes are also found in Strategic Directions. The small grants component of the Sustainable Agriculture stream, Community Landcare Grants, closed its first round of applications on 20 March 2013.

Application guidelines on other components of the Sustainable Agriculture stream outlined in Strategic Directions will be made available in coming months. Please monitor this website for updates.