Caring for our Country 2008-13

What is Caring for our Country?

The Australian Government is investing $2 billion to achieve a real and measurable difference to Australia’s environment. Caring for our Country funds projects across the country to achieve national targets - projects that improve biodiversity and sustainable farm practices.

This funding supports regional natural resource management groups, local, state and territory governments, Indigenous groups, industry bodies, land managers, farmers, Landcare groups and communities.

Our goal

Caring for our Country aims to achieve an environment that is healthy, better protected, well-managed, resilient and provides essential ecosystem services in a changing climate.

Goals and ourcomes flow chart


To ensure Caring for our Country funding gets the best results, the Australian Government has defined specific outcomes that Caring for our Country will achieve for each of the six national priorities in its first five years of operation.

The outcomes are detailed in Caring for our Country Outcomes 2008–2013 .

Business planning and targets

Caring for our Country business plans are released towards the end of each year, and outline 1 to 4 year targets to ensure we stay on track to achieve our outcomes. These business plans invite proposals that help achieve the objectives set out in the outcomes statement.

Projects funded by Caring for our Country frequently contribute to more than one priority area. For example, work to improve the biodiversity of Australia’s landscapes, and to improve sustainable practices, will in many cases be mutually supporting. Caring for our Country investments will also complement other Australian Government programs such as Water for the Future and Australia’s Farming Future.

The Caring for our Country monitoring, evaluation, reporting and performance improvement strategy provides details on measuring progress towards achieving the outcomes. Progress is reported through an annual report card. The report card lets the Australian Government and community know how future Caring for our Country investments should be delivered and focused.

Previous programs

Caring for our Country integrates the Australian Government's previous natural resource management initiatives, including the Natural Heritage Trust, the National Landcare Program, the Environmental Stewardship Program and the Working on Country Indigenous land and sea ranger programs.

Caring for our Country establishes national priorities and outcomes to refocus investment on protection of our environment and sustainable management of our natural resources.